Highland Road Cemetery Tour

A self-guided tour of the Dickens graves can be found on the website for Portsmouth City Council. One can also book guided tours from the Fellowship, please contact us for further details.

Ellen Ternan, actress, and Dickens’s last love.

Maria Susanna Taylor and Frances Eleanor Trollope, Ellen Ternan’s sisters.

Sarah Pearce, daughter of William Pearce, John Dickens’s landlord. She lived in the Birthplace to 1903, and, when she died, Portsmouth Council purchased it.

Maria Beadnell, the first love of Charles Dickens, model for Dora in David Copperfield.                        

Alfred Arthur Seale, Dickens expert and first curator of the museum.

The Dupree family. Sir William Thomas Dupree, the Mayor of Portsmouth in 1903, ensured the Birthplace would be purchased by the City.

Georgina Margaret Hayman, a model for Dickens’s Little Dorrit


There are also in this cemetery there are more graves of holders of the Victoria Cross (including the first and third ones to be awarded) than anywhere outside London. (See the website for the Friends of Highland Road Cemetery.)

Venue in the Isle of Wight - The Cemetery at Ventnor has the grave* of Charles John Dick, b. 1812, whose name Dickens took to use for Mr Dick in David Copperfield. (He gave his name to the Fellowship publication Mr Dick’s Kite.)  
*About 60 yards above the chapel 

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