Dickens Fellowship

The Portsmouth Branches of the Dickens Fellowship are part of the International Dickens Fellowship (founded in 1902) which has branches all over the world. Its Headquarters is at 48 Doughty Street, London, WC1N 2LX.

International Dickens Fellowship website


Mission Statement

The Fellowship aims to knit together in a common bond of friendship all lovers of Charles Dickens's writings, and to spread the love of humanity, which is the keynote of all his works.

Annual Conference

There is an annual international conference of the International Dickens Fellowship somewhere in the world every year.

The Dickensian

The Fellowship has produced its journal The Dickensian every year since 1905, with three parts every year. There is a full set in the Portsmouth Central Library. (See reference to the Dickens Special Collection below.)

Mr Dick’s Kite

This informal booklet also appears three times a year, and is sent to every branch and individual member of the Fellowship (see under Birthplace Branch). 

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